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Carr Family Farm

We are a family owned and run farm established in 2018. Our farm practices are; all natural, pesticide free and everything is grown on our farm in Stafford Springs CT.

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We are now open daily 8:00-7:00 from April 15 - October 30, 2023. The one exception is Saturday evenings during market season when our produce is moved to the market. We have a self-serve farm stand where we accept cash, and Venmo. We are also Farmers Market Nutrition Program certified and can accept WIC and Senior checks at the farm stand and market!

Facebook and Instagram are the best way to see what we currently have available, as they are updated every few days. This is where you can find prices, details on all our products, and lots of great photos!




During the Stafford Farmers Market season, May 20th - Sept 16 2023, we attend every Saturday evening from 4:00-6:00. Everything leaves the farm stand at 2:00 as we take it all to market. We are not only farm vendors for the market, we are also the Market Managers! It's full of wonderful CT Farms, Food Vendors, Live Bands and Specialty Artisans. Come visit us there!


We have our homemade compost available in April. Our compost 90% horse manure. We use it to fertilize all of the plants on our farm. It is available by the tractor scoop which is 1/4 yard, and half tractor scoop 1/8 yard by appointment only. We also carry compost bags in our farm stand. 

Strawberry plants, Raspberry plants, perennial flowers plants, and an array of our own grown vegetable plants will be in the stand. Greens are plentiful in this season with kale and lettuce by the end of May, as well as radishes, peas and any other early crops we decide to grow. 


During the summer months we have a wide range of all naturally grown vegetable including tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squash and much more! Our highlights in the summer months are strawberries, raspberries and blueberries! Cut flowers bouquets are available in glass jars. We only grow flowers with excellent vase life resulting in bouquets that typically last up to two weeks.


Many of our vegetable plants are still in heavy production and we typically have lots of greens, yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant, peppers and more. The Strawberries come in again for September as a nice end of the season treat! Flowers are still in abundance and we will have plenty of bouquets. We provide compost bags again in October for fall fertilizing. We usually close the farm toward the end of October depending on production.


Our son, Evan Carr, grows all of our farms herbs. He starts them from seed and personally cares for them all summer. He sun dries or dehydrates his herbs. Throughout the 2023 season he will be producing potted herb plants, and dried herbs including basil, parsley, chives, and cilantro. The dries herbs are sold in glass jars that are available exclusively at the Stafford Farmers Market. This will be his 4th year with his own mini-business!


Kona and Gen are our two beautiful mares that help us to produce the majority of our composted manure used to grow our garden produce and yours! Most important of all, these girls are a part of our family. You will see them on the pasture with the chickens in the summer. In the winter they stay in the sand corral with their barn. We ride recreationally and we practice Natural Horsemanship.


Our flock is not really about egg production. We grow attached to our ladies and keep them their whole life. We have a mixed barnyard flock, many of which we hatched right here at our farm from our own hens and roosters. They keep away the ticks for us and provide us with eggs as well as add a bit of high quality manure we mix into our compost. They free range as much as possible and will most likely visit you at the farm stand. 


Ginger truly believes she is another owner of the farm. You will see her outside "working" with us all the time. She is an excellent mouser and helps to keep the mice at bay. She loves being in the garden, stealing berries when she can, and helps out with daily horse and chicken chores. She is always involved in each farm project we have going on. We love her dearly.

Home: Farm Stand

6 Gulf Rd, Stafford Springs, CT 06076, USA

(860) 965-3159

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